We pride ourselves on our international identity with our multicultural student body representing more than 100 nationalities. We believe that studying and living abroad offers individuals an invaluable experience that will broaden career horizons. Studying and working in different cultures will expand your global network and allows you to obtain further qualifications, which is why we focus on forming institutional partnerships worldwide.


Depending on what program you chose at EU, you can transfer between our campuses in Spain, Switzerland and Germany. Based on program availability, you can study a semester or a full year abroad in Barcelona, Munich, Geneva or Montreux. This opportunity allows our students to complete their business studies at the same time as immersing themselves in another culture, something that is highly valued by potential employers.


In addition to our European campuses, we also have several international exchange partners. After completing five or six semesters on any of our campuses, students can participate in our exchange programs with one of our institutional partners where you will study two semesters and earn two individual qualifications.