Our one-semester English Foundation program focuses on improving students' English skills.


The English language is necessary for any successful career in international business. If you need to improve your English to meet our requirements, this specialized foundation program in Montreux will help you refine your language skills and prepare you for our business degree programs.

Program Duration
1 Semester
Teaching Language
Start Dates
February, June, September
You can do it in
Barcelona, Geneva, Montreux, Munich
  • Studying in English requires a good command of appropriate structures, style and vocabulary. Students not only learn to understand academic and learning materials, but also develop skills for producing quality texts.


  • Writing is much more than an important skill that is essential to your success in college and in the working world. People with the ability to sort through their ideas in writing and to express themselves through the written word are empowered. They are able to effect change in their personal lives and in their communities. This course is designed to strengthen academic writing abilities and to strengthen the important relationships among strong writing, reading, thinking, and viewing abilities.

  • Comprehensive critical and analytical reading skills are essential to succeed at the master’s level. This course explores essential learning and comprehension strategies such as identifying main ideas, and using organizational patterns to aid remembering, evaluating a writer's purpose, recognizing tone, separating fact from opinion, and determining the degree of bias, while also learning how to summarize and synthesize different points of view on the same topic.  This course is designed to strengthen English reading comprehension skills and to strengthen students’ analytical abilities.

  • Success at the university level requires excellent strategies to help students to become more efficient and effective in their approach to learning and studying. The focus of this interactive course is to build on learning strategies that will help students become more aware of their learning strengths and how to overcome their weaknesses. The course will focus on a variety of essential topics: time – management, group learning, managing stress, examination techniques, research skills, and next steps planning. By the end of the course students will have increased their understanding of their own time management style, their strengths and weaknesses in managing themselves, how they work in intercultural groups and how to manage team dynamics. In addition, they will have learned ways to manage stress, apply research methods and techniques, and apply this knowledge across their subject areas.

  • The ability to communicate effectively in any situation is essential for success. This course focuses on the need to continually improve communication skills, both active and passive, and provides basic tools for improvement in both oral and written skills. The use of role-play and interactive exercises provide the student with a platform for improvement, at the same time increasing self-confidence in public speaking activities. Students will understand the importance of effective communication within an organization and improve their own communication skills in both verbal and non-verbal communication.

  • Critical thinking is a vital skill that is essential to your success in college and in the working world. This course focuses on critically evaluating information that may be viewed (as in photographs/art) or read (websites, academic papers, scholarly articles) while performing research and formulating solid arguments that can be supported with evidence.  This course is designed to strengthen academic English reading and writing abilities and to strengthen critical thinking skills.

  • This course is aimed at acquiring and practicing the language required to understand and apply business language and terminology in interactive environments.




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