The Business Bridging Program in Montreux builds up students' academic, communication and English skills while they study basic business concepts.


The Business Bridging Program is a one-semester course that acts as a bridge to the first year of EU’s undergraduate and three-year U.K. (Hons) programs. Students will strengthen their academic, communication and business English skills while studying management and marketing concepts.

Program Duration
1 Semester
Teaching Language
Start Dates
October, January, May
You can do it in
Barcelona, Geneva, Montreux, Munich, Online
(22 CH | 30 ECTS)
  • In a global economy, being able to communicate effectively in English is essential for operating successfully in the business world and opening career doors. This interactive course focuses on how to do business in English and teaches the language and skills required to do so.

  • Getting good grades at the tertiary level requires well developed study skills. This interactive course helps students become more efficient and effective in their approach to learning and studying. Students identify their study strengths and learn how to overcome their weaknesses. The course will focus on a variety of essential topics: time-management, group-learning, managing stress, examination techniques, research skills, confident academic writing and planning next steps.

  • The ability to communicate effectively in any situation is essential for success. This course focuses on the importance of communication skills, both active and passive, and provides tools for improving written and oral skills. The use of role-play and interactive exercises provide students with a platform for improvement, while increasing self-confidence in public speaking. Students complete an end-of-chapter test.

  • Management is pervasive in our society but many, especially young adults, are unaware of its reach. Students explore their own informal encounters with business and organizations in order to develop an awareness of what business is and what constitutes good business practice. The course is delivered through a mix of theory, case analysis, written assignments, readings and group and class discussions.

  • The course introduces students to the issues related to the impact of business on society and vice versa. Students will learn about concepts of social responsibility and enrich their understanding of what it means to manage an ethical business. Students are encouraged to examine different incidents critically in order to gain further insight into more specialist areas of management. This course can act as a knowledge base for subsequent in-depth courses. Emphasis is placed on the complex role social responsibility plays within an organization, and the impact of the external environment on business activities. The course is delivered through theory, case analysis, written assignments, group work, class discussions and presentations.

  • This course introduces students to the legal framework for any business activity, as well as the main institutions of business law in the European Union. Students will learn basic legal terminology and how to approach and read legal documents and legal texts.

  • Students are introduced to the background and history of economics, including key players and theories which are relevant today. The course gives a general understanding of the impact of economics all aspects of life, focusing particularly on how choices are made. Students reflect on their personal choices as well as organizational decision-making.


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