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EU Business School Montreux - International University in Montreux

Student Accommodation in Montreux

EU Business School Montreux, Switzerland

As a student at EU Business School Montreux, a great deal of your time will be occupied with classes. That doesn’t mean that you will not have the time to enjoy the vibrant city that you will be living in. Student accommodation in Montreux is within walking distance of the campus, and is offered by a number of agencies.

It is recommended that EU students begin their search for accommodation upon receiving their offer from EU, to ensure that they secure their accommodation for the time that they will be here.

The EU Administration Department is available to help students with any queries that they might have regarding accommodation for students in Montreux. They have good relationships with local leasing agencies and a great deal of experience in working with student accommodation in Montreux.


The EU Business School Administration Department is happy to help students find student accommodation in Montreux. Finding housing through EU Montreux may be the easiest way for students to find their accommodation, though it is possible to search independently.

The accommodation available in Montreux varies in size and quality, with the range of prices reflecting the options appropriately. Given the large student population in the city, there is a wide selection of accommodation choices available, though it can be competitive.


There are a number of websites which offer affordable living student accommodation options in Montreux: