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EU Business School MBA Student Testimonials

EU Business School Montreux, Switzerland

Bart van Straten by M. Harmsen

Bart Van Straten

MBA 1995,
General Manager at Van Straten Medical

"During my business studies I learned that in order to advance, one must have strong focus and dedication while enjoying the challenge of improvement"

Lena Woodward

Lena Woodward

MBA 2014, Senior Community Associate at World Economic Forum

"Working at the World Economic Forum today, many of my previous classmates are not only friends, but also professional contacts: the EU taught me to combine friendships with profession."

Emilija Ivanovic, Former Yugoslavia

Emilija Ivanovic
Former Yugoslavia

EMBA 2002,
Founder & Managing Director of Trade Resource GmbH

“I thought: now I have the background, I have the experience, and I also have the schooling and the degree. So in 2000-2001 I became independent and I founded my own company, Trade Resource GmbH."

Koen Wilms, Belgium

Koen Wilms

BBA 1985 & DBA 1990, Managing Director at
3M France

"I was attracted to EU Business School for a mixture of reasons. There was the class content, which interested me, and also the innovative way they were taught: very interactive, in small groups, with continuous evaluation; that suited me down to the ground."

Kenneth Kien Ann NG, Malaysia

Kenneth Kien Ann NG

DBA 2012,
CFO at CapitaLand

“I decided to take part in EU’s dual DBA program with Peking University because I wanted to upgrade myself after being in the finance industry for 20 years.”

Marianne von Anacker, Switzerland

Marianne von Anacker

MBA 1988,
HR Director at Nestlé

“It was very hard work combining that with my job, I had to cut back my social life and everything, but I never ever regretted it because for me, it really was a door opener."

Michel Miserez

Michel Miserez

BBA 1987 & MBA 1988,
Area Vice President at
Marriott International

"EU [has always had a] visionary approach, preparing us for that world, in three ways: First, the professors who were teaching there had international experience. Secondly, EU already had campuses in different countries; and thirdly, the student population of the school was international, diverse and spoke different languages. Preparing the students for a world where cultural sensitivity is paramount."

European University Testimonials Chance Saint-Marché

Chance Saint-Marché

BBA 2010 & MBA 2012, President of Element 64 Ltd.

“As a student, you come to understand what makes EU so amazing: ‘us.’ Us is a powerful word as ‘us’ represents the entire EU network, from the very first graduating class. Do not forget ‘us,’ as it is ‘us’ who you will come across in your business life. It is ‘us’ you can call upon for that job interview or to help open a door on a business transaction. When you stumble, it will be ‘us’ who will help you get to your feet and brush you off."

Pedro Brehm, Portugal

Pedro Brehm

MBA 2002 & DBA 2007,
CEO at Prébuild Distribución

“The global networking opportunities and the international environment at EU served me well by allowing me to work efficiently with people from all around the world. When you see the pace at which today's global economy is evolving, you appreciate the need for a higher level of versatility from the world’s business schools and, subsequently, its leaders.”

Siddartha Tewari

Siddartha Tewari

MBA Sports Management, 2013
Sports Consultant at Aspire Management

"It's priceless to both again and share experience while studying, and it's even better when this comes from fellow students or alumni."