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EU Business School Montreux Social Responsibility

EU Business School Montreux, Switzerland

EU Business School recognizes that local economic growth in developing nations is essential to the welfare of the international community. Economic and social empowerment not only help the people of these communities, but also strengthen the bonds of liberty, prosperity and security.


EU Business School is committed to people, planet and performance. We believe that environmental responsibility and sound business practices go hand in hand. By teaching future leaders to be ethical as well as entrepreneurial, EU Business School is creating a generation of socially-responsible business professionals: the ecopreneurs.

EU is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. We try to achieve this in several ways, through recycling initiatives and the reduction of electricity use, for example.


European University PRME

EU Business School is dedicated to regularly re-analyzing our commitment to social responsibility. The biennial PMRE report  is an ideal opportunity for an organization to re-examine their goals, ethics and values, as well as the motivations behind such a commitment.

As a product of this report, we have composed a special Social Responsibility Report which we feel will communicate some of the initiatives the EU network has been involved with in order to promote a more sustainable and balanced global population. In this report, we analyze our methods, the partnerships and dialogues we maintain and, in doing so, reaffirm such commitments.

Through the Social Responsibility Report, we encourage students to use verbs rather than nouns, and thus bring about great change both in terms of business and in the wider world.

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EU Business School is currently involved in a development project in the village of Yirwal, a rural community in Burkina Faso, Africa. EU provided funding to build two fully-equipped flour mills, a water well and an ambulance to carry the sick from this isolated region to hospitals in more developed areas, and recently made a donation to finance the construction of a brand new school.

The results have been life-altering. The nearest mill in the area was 20 kilometers away and the villagers had to walk there and back to grind their corn. They can now process their flour in their own village, providing for their families and making feed for chickens, a staple of the diet in this West African nation and a highly-profitable enterprise. Villagers from neighboring areas now come to Yirwal to process their corn. Life in Yirwal has also improved notably with increased access to water and healthcare.

The women of the community are benefitting the most from these developments. “To educate a woman is to educate a nation,” says Professor Aminata Diallo, a high school teacher and director of the Maïa Association, which provides women in Burkina Faso with practical household advice, health education and literacy programs, as well as raising awareness of women’s and children’s rights.

Under Professor Diallo’s direction, the village women founded the Women of Yirwal Association, which created a microcredit system, helping them develop projects and pay for the maintenance of the mills. With the profit from the mills, they built a henhouse, and the local school children look after the chickens.

Money has also been raised to provide solar-powered electricity for the village school. The women have asked to go to school at night to learn to read, and Professor Diallo is actively petitioning the Ministry of Education to provide assistance to improve literacy rates in the region. Future plans include a sewing workshop and improvements in sanitary conditions in Yirwal.

EU Business School is proud to play an integral role in this humanitarian project and pledges to support further economic and social opportunities, both in Yirwal and in other communities around the world, reflecting its commitment to corporate social responsibility.

European University Social Responsibility