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Dirk Craen | The message of Dirk Craen the president of EU Business School in Montreux, Switzerland

Welcome to EU Business School Montreux

EU Business School Montreux, Switzerland

European University President, Dr. Dirk Craen

EU Business School Montreux (EU) offers tomorrow's leaders effective solutions in a professional environment. EU points you toward success through both traditional and innovative business programs.
We bring you cutting-edge education. We believe that is it vital for students to have general foundations in business, in addition to the knowledge they acquire from their major courses. As such, every EU Business School Montreux student takes the same number of core courses. The core material makes up 80% of a student’s curriculum and gives them a solid, global business perspective. By the time they graduate, all students have a good grasp of: management, marketing, finance, international business and entrepreneurship. This way, students have strong foundations that will allow them to work within any division of the business world.

EU's faculty members are all experienced English-speaking business professionals who are experts in their subjects. They are excellent lecturers, care about their students and bring current issues, expertise and life into the classroom.

Our students benefit from both the business school's modern facilities and its array of locations. When you step into a classroom on any one of our campuses, you will immediately appreciate our collegial and friendly environment. It is in this environment that we develop new programs which focus on emerging industries. The future of industry is founded on innovation, but delivering success depends on people.
We appreciate your interest and welcome your enquiry. I look forward to meeting you.

We hope that you find the EU Business School Montreux website informative. Please also take a look at the latest issue of our magazine ON and EU Today TV, which will give you a better picture of EU Business School Montreux.

May your career, as student and graduate, be both exciting and rewarding.

Dr. Dirk Craen