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International Business School in Montreux  - Students in class

EU Business School Montreux Mission

EU Business School Montreux, Switzerland

At EU, we contribute to the global community by providing comprehensive and in-depth international business education. Choosing a business school is one of the most important decisions of your professional life. EU Business School Montreux offers an outstanding education that will help you develop the professional and life skills needed to thrive in the current business world.

For over 40 years, EU has provided a quality education to students from all over the world. A cornerstone of our educational philosophy is the recognition of the distinction between the younger student still deciding on a career and the adult student who has already established both personal and professional goals. We understand that education for executives must adapt to active private lives and successful careers.

EU Business School Montreux:

  • prepares students for success in the global marketplace;
  • offers tailor-made education through a mix of traditional and innovative programs;
  • strives to be a leader in international business education;
  • upholds business ethics while focusing on the highest standards;
  • serves as an intellectual resource and platform for the global business community;
  • makes education accessible by offering full- and part-time programs and distance-learning options;
  • provides education which focuses on young, professional, progressive, innovative and international people;
  • meets the needs of individuals, institutions and public agencies through a variety of both degree and non-degree programs;
  • maintains high-tech educational services;
  • provides a multicultural and multilingual environment.
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