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International University Montreux -  Students Services

EU Business School Montreux Student Services

EU Business School Montreux, Switzerland

On each campus, the Academic Department can help with questions or concerns you may have about classes, professors, schedules, accommodation, visas and job opportunities.

The academic staff have been specially chosen for their extensive experience, patience, empathy and ability to solve problems quickly and effectively.


Experienced staff members are available to assist students with personal matters. If you need further help, staff can arrange for you to see a professional counselor.


Classrooms have Wi-Fi access, SMARTboards and video conferencing technology, encouraging a high level of computer literacy. Support is provided by networked computers and laser printers with associated multimedia technology.

Up-to-date software applications are available to all students, who are in turn required to use these tools to complete their coursework.


We believe online learning resources are a significant step toward the greener classrooms of the future. All students have full access to the online libraries Proquest and and are
encouraged to make use of this and other scholastic resources. Books are available to borrow from campus libraries as well.