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International University Montreux - Student Career Services

EU Business School Montreux Career Services

EU Business School Montreux, Switzerland

EU is one of the first business schools to satisfy the needs of the students on the one hand and the international business community on the other.

EU enjoys a solid reputation among recruiters. The caliber of its students and the efficiency of EU’s independent, dedicated Career Services Department (CSD) provide a distinct competitive edge for job interviews.


The CSD serves students, alumni and organizations by addressing individual development and employment needs. Individuals receive assistance in formulating, exploring and implementing career options. The CSD assists with choosing career paths, preparing CVs, improving interview skills, evaluating the job market, developing a network of contacts, conducting job searches and negotiating offers of employment.

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Our students are encouraged to regularly take stock of their individual career expectations and work toward achieving them. To help them with this process, we organize coaching and development workshops that cover various topics integral to career development, like:

– Job Search and Selection

A hands-on approach to applying, interviewing and negotiating for the job you really want.

– Personal Branding

A how-to for creating, building and curating your personal brand online.

– CVs and Cover Letters

An introduction to creating the ideal CV and cover letter, personalizing them to reflect you and customizing them for each application.

– Networking On and Offline

A guide to different networking techniques, best practices and topical trends like the “Elevator Pitch” and the “Six Rules to Success”

– Optimizing LinkedIn

A step-by-step explanation on how to create and improve presence on this professional networking site.

– Finding a Mentor

A look at the importance of having a mentor, and how to find the right one to help you succeed.


The CSD organizes regular career fairs to connect companies and candidates. Major international companies are also invited to our campuses to interview EU graduates. Recruiters introduce their organizations and discuss available job opportunities. Some also ask to meet with small groups of students who fit the profile the company is looking for, to get to know the candidates better.


EU actively seeks to identify, offer and fill suitable internship positions with companies that are looking for students. Through these opportunities, they gain career-specific work experience, knowledge of the field and a network of industry contacts