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EU Business School Montreux Academic Activities

EU Business School Montreux, Switzerland

EU Business School Montreux organizes regular activities that give students an insight into the world outside the classroom. These seminars, presentations and trips complement the theory that students learn in class, offering hands-on experiences that bring the business world to life.

Guest Lectures


In these seminars, experts interact with EU students on important issues of today's business world. In addition to regular career seminars, EU Business School also invites important business leaders to discuss diverse sectors of business including banking, negotiation, international arbitration and market research. These sessions promote students' curiosity, deliver detailed information and offer practical, informed opinions.

Industrial Visits


Students are taken to a variety of national and international companies. Here, they relate theoretical concepts learned in class to real-life business situations. Assignments relevant to the visit are given in class and students subsequently present oral and written reports.

Study Tour


Study tours are designed to give students experience in the global corporate business environment. They visit corporations and governmental and trade organizations around the world, where they observe a variety of industries and meet with management representatives. Participants then prepare project reports based on their study tour experiences.

EU Careers


EU Business School Montreux supports students in researching various career options and deciding on career paths, offering regular counseling sessions, insight industry panels and career fairs. Find out more on our career page.