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EU Business School Montreux's Career Services for Employers

EU Business School Montreux, Switzerland

EU Business School Montreux offers companies a number of ways to communicate with our multicultural student body and alumni network. Businesses are given the opportunity to present their work culture and career opportunities on the EU career pages, through job and internship postings and during regular career fairs, and thus promote their company to an international, well-educated range of students from various backgrounds and cultures.

At EU Business School, we combine an in-depth business education with skills that are vital in order to succeed in the business world. International experience, multilingualism, ambition and determination are just a few of the things that we encourage among our students. Emphasis is placed on developing skills that compliment a world-class business education, ensuring that graduates are well-equipped and can make a valuable contribution to a company from the very beginning. Faculty and administration alike know students individually, and thus can support their strengths and help them develop a focused career strategy tailored to their desired career paths. It also means that we know which students are most suited to your company, and who could make an immediate, positive contribution.

EU’s international student body comes from all corners of the globe. Our students are multilingual, multicultural individuals who have moved abroad to pursue their education. They have varying levels of experience: some are undergraduates, who can bring fresh ideas and a new perspective into the workplace; others are MBA students with up to three years’ experience; some have even been part of their family businesses and seen first-hand how a company works.

If you would like to learn about the curricula our candidates follow at EU Business School, click here for a list of undergraduate and graduate majors.

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EU Business School encourages companies to promote internships and graduate jobs among their students, a mutually-beneficial collaboration that has proved to be extremely successful in the past. Businesses can advertise vacancies free of charge through us.

Previous and current work placements demonstrate the work ethic, business knowledge and willingness to work prevalent among our students. Many of them have an extensive understanding of specialized areas such as insurance, banking, risk management or investment, in addition to an in-depth knowledge of more general areas that include management and marketing.

EU students are a valuable resource, and when recruited as interns, are able to work on various business projects that would otherwise have required the employment of a new, permanent staff member. Many students return to the companies at which they interned; testament to the impact they invariably make. Students greatly value the opportunity to intern at a company. They are given the chance to apply the theory they have studied, take responsibility for projects they are assigned and develop new skills and knowledge in a genuine business environment.

Companies benefit from the fresh perspective, enthusiasm and knowledge students and recent graduates bring to such collaborations. They can:

  • offer different viewpoints and evaluations;
  • incorporate the latest academic knowledge;
  • bring energy to the workplace;
  • provide employers with stimulating opportunities to teach, train and influence the future of their profession.

The diversity embodied by students and recent graduates of EU Business School ensures that we can provide the right talent for your organization, wherever you are in the world. Our multilingual students have international experience and a world-class business education.

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Presentations On Campus

On-campus career talks and presentations offer businesses interested in reaching and recruiting EU students the opportunity to explain their company, give an insight into the company culture and clarify what their company expects from candidates.

Industry Insight Panels

Industry insight panels offer representatives from specific sectors the opportunity to participate in an industry-focused panel, to discuss the sector and its trends, and meet EU talent.

Careers Fairs

The regular careers fairs held by EU Business School bring together eager students and successful companies on the lookout for new talent. They offer the perfect opportunity for businesses from various industries to showcase their companies, explain the opportunities available and give students an insight into their field. In doing so, you can meet EU’s talented students, raise your company profile and thus create a pool of candidates for both current and future recruitment.

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Individual, short-term projects offer the ideal platform for collaboration between businesses and current students. Companies in need of a motivated team can save both time and resources by looking to EU students for assistance. Fixed-term projects can be tackled in class, with the supervision and support of the teacher, and can range from one month to a full semester. Students are keen to get involved in various ventures and projects, to gain experience and to share their ideas within the business world. They gain experience working for real clients, meeting defined deadlines and reaching specific goals, whilst companies benefit from the fresh ideas and perspective of students. Student participation can help you develop new business ideas, research niche markets, solve technical problems, improve profitability and advance projects that have been side-lined due to lack of time.

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