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Susanne Strom

Susanne Ström

Finance and Accounting Lecturer
Switzerland Campuses

A demanding yet affable and pleasant lecturer, Susanne Ström is renowned for her ability to stay true to her word, and for her skills and experience in corporate finance and accounting. Ström’s academic and professional career have taken her to a number of European countries, where she developed her language skills, which are an asset in the international environment of EU.

Ström earned her bachelor’s degree in the United Business Institutes in Brussels, before earning her MBA at the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration in Finland. It was during her MBA that Ström specialized in corporate finance, where she excelled and graduated with a distinction. The professional experience that complements her academic qualifications is vast, and includes roles at leading financial institutions such as SEB Bank, Carnegie Bank, Bank of New York and AAC Global.

Ström enjoys working in partnership with students and helping them succeed in their studies. A lover of the outdoors, Ström can often be found walking with her dogs in the woods, skiing, jogging or horseback riding.