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Osmond Plummer

Osmond Plummer

Finance and Accounting Lecturer
Switzerland campuses

A knowledgeable wealth management guru and market commentator from London, Plummer has worked for several huge names in the industry such as Lloyds Bank and Bank of New York, as well as various other private bankers in Asia, Middle East, the U.S.A. and Africa. His teaching style is characterized by the combination of his 30 years of professional experience in the banking sector and his strong academic background.

The international focus of Plummer’s professional experience lends a unique, global perspective that his students benefit from. He is passionate about dispelling myths surrounding wealth management, and likes to ensure students understand the limitations of financial theory and modeling, that will then make them appreciate how reality plays out in the business world. He’s also determined to make sure students pass the IB math courses. This combination has proved popular; Plummer won the award for best Lecturer in Geneva/Montreux in 2011-12.

In between his professional commitments, Plummer enjoys the family life, travel and reading. He is also a fluent French speaker.