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European University Ines Vidal

Inés Vidal

Management Skills Lecturer
Online campus

A technical product management professional who gets enjoyment from both learning and teaching, Vidal can bring out the best in EU students.

Vidal earned her bachelor’s degree in telecommunications engineering from the Universidad del País Vasco, and her master’s from the same university, studying IT and communications in mobile wireless ntworks. She later earned her MBA at EADA (Escuela de Alta Dirección y Administración). It was during her extensive studies that she learned many of the skills that make her a valuable EU lecturer.

Having worked with many companies, including Telefónica Digital, Vidal has filled a number of roles including initiatives both leading and collaborating with the R&D department.

Vidal is hardworking and dedicated, and is passionate about learning and building useful objects. When she isn’t working or in the classroom, she can be found enjoying nature and accomplishing DIY projects.