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European University Faculty - Hubert Augusto Joo Kitano

Hubert Augusto Joo Kitano

Business Administration, Finance and International Tourism Management Lecturer
Barcelona campus

A well-travelled professional with a deep personal and professional interest in economics and finance, Hubert Augusto Joo Kitano is a dedicated lecturer committed to sharing his knowledge to improve students’ understanding of his fields.

Joo began his academic career by studying Economics at the Universidad de Lima, which he followed with both a Master in Business Administration and a Master in International Tourism Management. Joo is currently in the process of earning his International Doctorate in Entrepreneurship & Management.

In the professional realm, Joo has worked as a Business and Financial Analyst, a Budget Planning Analyst and a Financial and Administrative Manager for an impressive portfolio of clients in various countries. An international perspective and strong language skills are real assets for Joo, giving him knowledge that he can rely upon to interact with the diverse and international student base at EU.

Joo’s proclivity for imparting knowledge is not restricted exclusively to academia; he is a fervent football fan and a budding football coach. When he is not analyzing the latest business trends and movements in global markets, Joo can be found enjoying a good book, with a football at his feet, or on the sidelines strategizing.