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Kilian Wissmeier

Dr. Urban Kilian Wissmeier

Strategic Management and Marketing Lecturer
Munich campus

Dr. Urban Kilian Wissmeier initially studied business administration at Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, specializing in strategic planning, marketing and marketing psychology. He later completed his Doctorate in International Marketing Strategies at the University FAF.

Wissmeier’s professional career consists primarily of consultancy work; he has worked both as part of an international management consultancy, and under his own name. His teaching career began when he was an associate professor at the University FAF. During this time he continued consulting and also conducted market research for a number of varied companies. He went on to then take the role of Marketing Director at Sixt Rent a Car in Munich.

Wissmeier’s industry expertise combined with his entrepreneurial spirit make him a valuable asset to his students on the Munich campus.