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Mayra Mas

Dr. Mayra Mas

Finance and Accounting Lecturer
Barcelona campus

Originally from Havana, Cuba, Mayra Mas has lectured in accounting at various institutions for the last 10 years. Teaching had often appealed to her, and, being a determined spirit, she decided to pursue this as a vocation, later realizing it was what she enjoyed most.

Mas’ academic background includes a BA in Computer Science from Queens College in New York City, and a further BA and PhD in Economics from the University of Barcelona. She is also a member of the Catalonian Economist Association.

Mas’ extensive career in tax management and planning spans 25 years, during which she worked predominantly for the Spanish Internal Revenue Service as a tax officer. She went on to set up her own consultancy firm, working with various companies and organizations based in Barcelona. When not lecturing in accounting, Mas can be found spending as much time as possible with her five children. She is also a keen piano player.