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Christine Clarke

Christine Clarke

Management Lecturer and Academic Dean
Barcelona campus

Clarke’s relationship with EU dates back 19 years, to 1995 when she was invited to deliver a course: Professional Communications Dynamics. This course title is apt; Clarke, as both Academic Dean and a management lecturer, is an excellent communicator and educator.

Prior to her career with EU, Clarke acquired a PGCE (a master’s equivalent teaching qualification) after her BBA in Modern Languages and Political Studies. This impressive academic portfolio, combined with over 30 years of teaching experience, makes Clarke a lecturer who brings together the best of practical experience and academic theory.

Dean Clarke is also an entrepreneur and self-starter, having established her own language and communications businesses. Her areas of teaching have included: sales and purchasing; management; strategy; entrepreneurship; and specialist English. She has also coordinated course development.

Clarke is very fond of the outdoors, and when not working she can usually be found walking in the country with her family and dogs.