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European University Faculty - Anne Dwyer

Anne Dwyer

Public Relations and Communication Lecturer
Barcelona campus

A communication skills and strategy specialist, Anne Dwyer is passionate about seeing how her students progress and achieve their desired results. Her strength lies in her ability to inspire people to communicate with confidence and credibility.

Dwyer double majored in German and sociology while studying at Victoria University in New Zealand. From there, she achieved her master’s degree in Socioeconomics from Bremen in Germany. As well as a collection of various other specialist qualifications, Dwyer has a second master’s in Communication from the UAB in Barcelona.

Dwyer’s professional experience is eclectic and distinguished. She has worked with private sector companies including Agbar, ESADE and EuroLeague, and third sector-organizations like the Catalan parliament.

When she is not in the office (which is rare as Dwyer is constantly working), she can be found reading, riding her bicycle or at book club, of which she is an active member.