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EU Business School admissions

EU Business School Business Bridging Program Visas & Permits


For the Swiss Visa

You must complete and take the following documents to the visa department of your nearest Swiss embassy:

  • Passport (plus one copy)
  • Certificate of enrolment at EU (original copy)
  • E form
  • O form
  • M form
  • “A qui de droit” (stating that the student will leave Switzerland post-studies)
  • CV/résumé
  • A signed letter of motivation stating both the reason for studying in Switzerland and detailing your post-study plans
  • Bank certificate stating that student has an active account with a minimum of CHF 30,000 (the bank certificate must be in the student’s name ONLY)
  • Address in Switzerland (for assistance please contact Rebecca Mars at
  • Two passport photos (35mm x 45mm)

Once the visa application documents have been submitted, it takes a minimum of eight weeks for a student to receive a Swiss entry visa. This allows them a fixed time period during which to enter Switzerland. Once in Switzerland, EU will assist and inform students about the next steps regarding their resident permit process.

Working with a student visa in Switzerland: non-EU citizens are not allowed to work on a student visa in Switzerland.



Montreux Residence Permit

All of the following forms, as well as detailed instructions on the residence process, are available at the student affairs office. Make sure that you visit the office on campus before you do anything so that our staff can ensure that you have all your paperwork filled out correctly and that you take all the necessary steps to complete it.

For your permit, you must take:

  • Completed application form (available at the administration department)
  • Letter, signed and dated, stating the reason for studying in Switzerland and intended future plans
  • CV mentioning prior schools and work experience, with dates
  • Proof of financial solvency
  • Signed Certification of Departure
  • Passport (plus one copy)
  • Two passport pictures
  • Copy of your visa
  • Housing contract

Additional step for non-EU citizens:

In order to complete the residence process, you will also need to go to the immigration office in Lausanne to have your fingerprints taken.


Service de la population
Division Etrangers
Av. Beaulieu 19, 1014 Lausanne
T +41 21 316 46 46
Monday-Friday 08:30-11:30 and 14:00-16:30
closed Thursday
bus: 21 (stop: Beaulieu)

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